On this page I have photographs of my breeding birds along with a link to their young.  Following this link will show you photographs of recent young. If you would like to make an enquiry, or purchase, simply click on the 'Any questions' link at the bottom of each page and this will open an email directly to me.

Due to demand exceeding supply, I now keep a waiting list of interested parties, or orders for up to around 6 birds in total. Additions to the waiting list are on a first come, first served basis.

My uncrested birds are £20/£25, £25/£30 for crested and Indian crosses , excluding delivery (See bottom of the page).

I will have 6 birds available from mid November 2016.

All birds are treaated for worms, mite and coccidiosis and prior to delivery.

Click on images to view recent young.

Clumhach & Morag (Cluvach & Morag)
Feardorcha & Floraidh (Fred & Florrie, Florrie pictured)
Seoras & Iseabail (George & Isabel, George pictured)
Dubhgall & Mairi (Dougal & Mary, Mary pictured)
Ruairidh & Dolidh (Rory & Dolly, Dolly pictured)
White Fantail Doves From our other Cote

If you would like to purchase a bird/birds I accept either a cheque, bank transfer or payment via PayPal, You can click on any of the PayPal images on the following pages if that is the method you prefer.  If you would like to purchase using a cheque, just email me with your order and once in receipt of payment your bird/birds will be available for collection, or dispatch. Cheques should be made payable to Adrian Johnston and sent to the address on the contact page.  Purchased birds can be collected by prior appointment, or if that is not possible I use High Flyers Pigeon Couriers to deliver within mainland UK. Carriage via High Flyers Pigeon Couriers carries a cost from £40 for up to 4 birds. Unfortunately for my fellow Scots, this increases to, from £45, with all customers paying a further £2 per bird there after, with delivery between Tuesday and Friday. This payment should be included when placing your order.

My birds are sold from six weeks old and therefore I cannot guarantee sex. Please let me know whether you would like me to remove the leg rings prior to collection or dispatch.

Thank you