Welcome to my website where I hope I can shine a light on the basics of dove keeping for those amongst you new to the experience, and for those that are not, I hope you enjoy your visit.

In pursuit of quality, I only sell pure white fantail doves , crested or uncrested and Indian fantail crosses.

My breeding pairs enjoy a “free range” life style from my dovecote (pictured) within the garden and fromanother at a different location. 

At five weeks old youngsters are removed to my aviary, where they are NPA ringed for identification purposes.  NPA ringing ensures should the bird become lost they then become traceable to me, so I can then return them to their rightful owner.

Should you decide to purchase from me, I will always be available to help with any queries you may have.

N.B. Fantails are not suitable for dove releases at weddings etc.



I was given a dovecote for an anniversary present, which looked lovely when erected, but we then had the task of getting doves to live within it.

I searched the internet and luckily came across Adrian, who turned out to be just the right person with 4 fantail doves to sell. At first I was a little apprehensive about the whole procedure,as it was all so new, but Adrian reassured me and was most helpful.

After the initial period of questions and answers, we made the decision to buy from Adrian. The doves arrived by special courier on the said day at the allotted time.

We were very nervous, but the doves took to their new environment very quickly and looked so content. I'm sure it's because they are reared in a dovecote and not in a shed, barn or garage. It was another reason why I bought from Adrian.

Adrian was always at the end of the phone if I needed advice. We communicated regularly and I also sent him pictures.
The doves have been with us for 8 weeks and are doing well. We took down the net and set them free after 5 weeks and although we were petrified about them flying away into the sunset, they surprised us by coming back to the cote to roost, which they continue to do each night.
They have become part of our lives and truly enhance the garden.

Adrian has been so helpful throughout and I would certainly recommend him and his doves to anyone thinking of buying some. Thank you Adrian.

Brinelle, Thetford Norfolk Oct 2014

NPA member 4524