Welcome to my website where I hope I can shine a light on the basics of dove keeping for those amongst you new to the experience, and for those that are not, I hope you enjoy your visit.

In pursuit of quality, I only sell pure white fantail doves , crested or uncrested and Indian fantail crosses.

My breeding pairs enjoy a “free range” life style from my dovecote (pictured) within the garden and fromanother at a different location. 

At five weeks old youngsters are removed to my aviary, where they are NPA ringed for identification purposes.  NPA ringing ensures should the bird become lost they then become traceable to me, so I can then return them to their rightful owner.

Should you decide to purchase from me, I will always be available to help with any queries you may have.

N.B. Fantails are not suitable for dove releases at weddings etc.



"Initially it was a difficult decision to buy doves from a distance. However Adrian makes the whole process very straightforward and I felt very reassured that he has a great interest in the bird's health and wellbeing. Adrian provided me with a number of initial photographs in order for me to choose the doves that I was interested in and then provided more photographs to make sure that I was satisfied.

Adrian is obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about his doves and was more than happy to spend time to provide help and advice.

It was also very reassuring to know that the doves I purchased were delivered by a very highly regarded and respected courier, High Flyers. The doves arrived very calm and soon settled into their new surroundings.

We've now had the doves for three weeks and they are really healthy, strong and very beautiful birds.
I would like to personally thank Adrian very much for his excellent customer care and would have great pleasure in recommending him and his beautiful doves.

Richard from Essex Feb 2014

NPA member 4524